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Thubten Shedrup Ling Monastery is pleased to offer accommodation not only for monks but also for laymen undertaking retreat or wishing to experience monastic life.

In the words of Lama Zopa Rinpoche, our Spiritual Director, we aim to offer; “a holiday from negative karma, a holiday from the three poisonous minds and the self-cherishing thoughts, a holiday from the self-grasping of the person and phenomena, a holiday from the wrong concepts…”

The opportunity to make an appointment with one of our monks to ask questions and request advice during your stay is also possible.

The monastery has a library available for guests' use.

To provide a conducive environment for developing and advancing spiritual practice, a commitment to live by the five lay precepts is requested of all non-ordained guests.

  •   To abstain from intentionally killing any living being.
  •   To abstain from stealing or taking that which is not freely given.
  •   To abstain from lying.
  •   To abstain from sexual misconduct.
  •   To abstain from intoxicants (including alcohol, marijuana).
Please note that the monastery buildings and grounds are strictly non-smoking areas.

What type of accommodation is available?

Thubten Shedrup Ling Monastery has a range of accommodation available.

  •   One self-contained suite comprising one bedroom/sitting room, dining room/kitchenette and toilet/shower. Air-conditioning.
  •   One suite comprising a bedroom/sitting room, dining room/kitchenette, shared toilet, laundry and shower facilities.
  •   Ten rooms with bed, side table, desk and wash basin with running water.
  •   Shared showers, toilets and laundry.
  •   A heater and electric fan are provided in all rooms as well as bedding and towels.

What to bring with you

  •   A torch as lighting is limited around the monastery at night.
  •   A hat and sunscreen for warmer weather.
  •   An extra blanket if you feel the cold during the winter months.
  •   Insect repellent.
  •   Appropriate clothing (as we are a monastic community).
  •   Warm clothing in winter.


Guests are welcome to join the monks for the two meals of the day, breakfast and lunch.
Arrangements can be made for the provision of supplies for retreatants.

Public transport

There is no public transport from Bendigo to the monastery. Taxis are available but costly.
We are happy to arrange for pick-up at Bendigo and transport to the monastery.

Please understand that while the monks are happy to give general advice and advice specific to Buddhist teachings and practices, we do not have trained counsellors at the monastery nor do we have the staff or facilities to support people with mental health or addiction issues.

Booking enquiries

Phone: 61 (0)3 5446 3691
or please complete the form below