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New Statues Carved for the Monastery

Author - Ven. Thubten Gyatso
Date - 11/09/15

Buddha with Gyatso

A very kind sponsor has offered to pay for new statues to replace those that blazed away during the fire.

In the company of Thich Phuoc Tan, abbot of the Quang Minh Temple in Melbourne, and two delightful supporters, I visited Vietnam recently to fulfil Kyabje Lama Zopa Rinpoche's request that Thubten Shedrup Ling Monastery has large statues made of the sixteen Arhats and their two attendants. Using a 15 cm statue as a model, a recommended sculptor in Da Nang carved the 1.2 metre Shakyamuni Buddha in just over three weeks. He did such a good job, I commissioned the Arhats to be made by him as well. Each statue will cost between $900 and $1000 to be carved. These images will be placed in a newly landscaped area of the monastery garden.
In Saigon, we met another sculptor who makes fibre-glass statues from images that he creates in clay. A very kind sponsor has offered to pay for new statues to replace those that blazed away during the fire. I gave the artist photos of magnificent images from Mongolia of statues made by the great bodhisattva monk, Zanabazar. On my return to Saigon a few weeks later, he had made a perfect image of Amithaba and so I asked him to make an image of Tara. Within three days he had almost completed a similarly perfect image, and so I commissioned him to make a 2 metre replica of the beautiful 1,000-armed Chenrezig tsa tsa made by Peter Griffin. He thinks these three statues will be ready by November.
Thanks to the generous support of so many people, in particular our Vietnamese friends in Melbourne, we have almost completed repairing the fire-damage to our main building, and all expenses have been covered. From our hearts, the Thubten Shedrup Ling monks offer our sincere gratitude for your kindness.